Term Duration Payment Due
1. Sept – Oct 23 7 weeks Friday 25th August 2023
2. Nov – Dec 23 7 weeks Friday 27th October 2023
3. Jan – Feb 24 6 weeks Friday 29th December 2023
4. Feb – Mar 24 6 weeks Friday 16th February 2024
5. Apr – May 24 6 weeks Friday 17th April 2024
6. Jun – July 24 7 weeks Friday 31st May 2024

1. Payment for regular classes is made via BACS or STRIPE by the payment due date. For example if a term is 7 weeks and you normally pay £6.50 per week, it costs £45.50.

2. Each term usually matches up with the school terms. We have half term breaks where there are no classes and two weeks off at Christmas and Easter.

3. Classes outside of term time or during school holidays are optional and pay-as-you-go. This also includes summer schools, workshops, ballet schools, and weekend summer classes. This does not include private lessons or exam coaching.

4. Please read the payment terms and conditions carefully upon registration. This can also be found under Fees > terms and conditions.

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