Essence Dance Company is a contemporary youth dance group. It is audition only, and for our students who have been with the school for at least 2 years. It started as an experimental group with secondary school children who wanted to continue their dance training outside of school hours, but now has expanded to include a junior company for children aged 9yrs+.

Since it started in 2009, students have performed at The London School of Communication, The Maidstone International Arts Festival, The HSSP Schools Dance Festival, U:Dance and at All England Dance qualifying competitions. Each group consists of 10 dancers, who work closely with choreographers to produce innovative and exciting new work.

Our works to date include; The Lost Alice (2015), Aspects of War (2016), Time and Experience (2017), Masquerade (2017) and From the Inside Out (2018), Disconnected (2018), Entangled Ocean (2019).

In September 2018, we launched Essence Junior Company for children aged 9yrs+. We aim to train these young people in contemporary dance, in order to provide performance opportunities, competitive festivals and eventually progress into our senior company. In 2019 we performed our first full piece “Silhouettes” at various festivals and local events. We usually hold auditions in July each year.

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