One of the areas that we are very proud of is the standard of exam results.

During the year, we tend to focus on the core basics and then work intensively towards examinations. This does mean that when the school is working towards exams it is important that your child attends as often as possible and puts in extra practice. To date, this has resulted in a 100% pass rate for examinations.

These examinations are conducted by The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)
In addition to the ISTD examinations in Ballet, Tap and Modern, we offer performance medal test exams through the UKA examination board, for the following:

• Under 7s – UNI-TED and INTRO awards in ballet, tap, street dance and musical theatre.
• Students over 7yrs attending street dance, musical theatre and Contemporary, will be able to work through the introductory awards, plus bronze, silver and gold medals.

There will also be an opportunity for our older students to enter their own choreographed solos/duets and trios for assessment.

Exams are optional and not compulsory. Children are selected for entry to the examinations by their teacher when it is considered that the examinations will be of benefit to the child and they can achieve their best.

Parents are reminded that it is the stated policy of these examination bodies that a child who is unprepared or unable to fulfil the requirements of a particular examination will fail. In order to avoid such a negative experience ever occurring we incorporate additional practices on a weekly basis a term or 4-6 weeks prior to the examination.

All of the exam dates for the academic year are posted on our diary page and on our noticeboard outside studio 3 in Dance Junction. This allows you to plan ahead and take into account any additional expenses.

Exam coaching sessions may take place in school holidays as well as in term time. Details of these sessions are found in the exam registration letter you will receive and also on the noticeboard.

It is advisable for students taking examinations to attend as many extra classes as possible to maximise their chances of accessing higher grades. Attending one extra class a week together with home study can make a huge difference.

All exam coaching classes are charged at £32.50 per hour, split between the number of students attending.

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