Exams are not compulsory and there are regular opportunities for the student to progress, (on average 2-3 times a year).

Parents are reminded that it is the stated policy of these examination bodies that a child who is unprepared or unable to fulfil the requirements of a particular examination will fail. In order to avoid such a negative experience ever occurring we incorporate additional practices on a weekly basis a term or 4-6 weeks prior to the examination.

All of the exam dates for the academic year are posted in our studio diary (hyper link) along with the registration dates and will be included in monthly newsletters. This allows you to plan ahead and take into account any additional expense.

Exam coaching sessions may take place in school holidays as well as in term time. Details of these sessions are found in the newsletter and also in the exam registration letter.

It is advisable for students taking examinations to attend as many extra classes as possible to maximise their chances of accessing higher grades. Attending one extra class a week together with home study can make a huge difference.

Prices are charged per class.

ISTD Pre-Primary, Primary, Grades 1-3 £5 per 60-minute class
ISTD Grades 4-6 £10 per 120-minute class

Prices are based on a minimum of 6 students, otherwise it is calculated as £30 per hour, divided by the number of students attending.

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