To calculate the term payment please multiply the weekly cost by the number of weeks in each term. This information can be found in Payment dates

Standard Class Prices

ISTD Syllabus Classes

1 × 30min class £4.00 per week
2 × 30min classes £5.50 per week
3 × 30min classes £7.50 per week
1 × 45min class £4.50 per week
2 × 45min class £7.50 per week
3 × 45min classes £10.50 per week
1 × 60min classes £5.50 per week
2 × 60min classes £9.00 per week
3 × 60min classes £12.00 per week

Non Syllabus and Performance Based classes

Tiny Tots Pre-school Dance class £4.50 per week
Little Caterpillars Ballet and Tap class £4.50 per week
Acrobatic Arts 45min class £4.50 per week
Acrobatic Arts 60min class £5.50 per week
Street Dance, 60min class £5.50 per week
Musical Theatre 60min class £5.50 per week
Contemporary Dance, 60min class £5.50 per week
Classical Ballet Technique, 60min class £5.50 per week

For multiple classes in other combinations please message us for details on prices.

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